Good Morning Tamizha

Time . 7Am To 9Am

Unga busy morning ah easy morning ah maatha...yaaraavathu company kuduthaa nalla irukkumnu thonuthaaa...??Athukku than nanga irukom la. Trending news, motivation,jolly joshiyam innum pala fun Ana vishayangala pesi unga moody mornings ah mersal mornings ah maatha varom RJ Thamarai & RJ Giri.. sema interestingaana 2 hours a maathi,ungaloda favourite showa aaga porom...! Readyaaa....?!

RJ Thamarai & RJ Giri

Positive Tea

Time . 9Am To 10Am

pt tn.png

In this busy world, do you want to feel some positive vibes? Then listen to my show "Positive-tea". This show is full of positive updates and positive stories. Which could be a morning motivation

RJ Monisha

Political Darbar

Time . 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM

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Political Darbar A show that completely gives you the updates about the Daily Headlines where  RJ Rakesh and RJ Karthi dig deeply and analyse the Politics behind the statement declared by the politicians in a fun and Engaging Manner.To Listen the show Tune Universal Live Radio Mon- Fri 10-11 AM !!!

RJ Rakesh & RJ Karthi

Cinema Bazzar

Time . 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM 

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Hello Loves!

This is the current dopest station on the waves.This show "Cinema Bazaar" is your one-stop to unravel cine updates.Catch up for all the latest cine titbits and updates when you start your day with the best hit songs on your way.

RJ Porco

Andrum Indrum

In this show, we are gonna compare the reality from black and white tv to Colour tv and we are gonna rediscover all the elements that are there back then and now in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

RJ Gopi & RJ Monisha

Time . 01:00 PM -  03:00 PM


Women are the weaker sex.. seriously?!

Singapenney talks about the women who came out breaking all the odds that came their way and achieved sky high.

RJ Thamarai

Time . 03:00 PM -  04:00 PM

Tea Kadai

Time . 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM 

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Full of exciting things and fun filled show,When you hear my shows you will love me for the choice of songs I play and I will bring you lots of information about the current events and senario.Totally I love being an RJ  Rest On AIR - Universal Live Radio - Nama Radio  Nama Gethu 

RJ Shobana

Kuralgalin Kural

Time . 06:00 PM  - 08:00 PM

A show as a tribute, featuring the life stories and interesting facts about Singers, Music Directors,  Lyricists and their works. Every week, all about 1 such personality and best of their songs makes the show more special. Tune in and enjoy the show. 

Special Episode

Lesa Lesa

Time . 8Pm To 10Pm

lesalesa tn.png

This show describes about the life relation happening between two people and also gives a proper suggestion to the listeners who are sharing their problems.

RJ Karthik